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Unlocking Value in Inventory and Materials Management

Client: Major Mining Client


Wisely Asset Management recently completed a scoping exercise for a global mining house to support an Inventory and Materials Requirement project.

This initial stage focused on both an operational review and a first principles assessment of inventory items, availability and linkages to work management processes, and potential cost savings associated with urgent freight requests.

Analysis identified a range of ‘quick wins’ operations can execute to improve inventory accuracy, in turn increasing the availability of parts to support maintenance activities, ultimately providing benefits to both production teams in front line unit availability and warehousing / inventory teams with reduced stock levels and corresponding reductions in warehousing requirements.

Next steps are focused on data cleansing and process guidance / maintenance to ensure uplifts in accuracy are maintained, in parallel with operational involvement in the identification of obsolete stock and critical spares to unlock further value in the supply and inventory / maintenance relationship.

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