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Statutory Compliance Audit

Client: Major Mining Client


Wisely Asset Management were recently engaged to conduct a review of statutory compliance and maintenance activities at an East Coast mine operation.

The review focused on maintenance management and work execution practices across mobile equipment covering:
– Maintenance strategies
– Frequencies
– Scheduling
– Competency
– Documented procedures
– Outcomes (defect identification / elimination) and
– Maintenance records (service history files and condition monitoring (ConMon) processes)

The review highlighted good work execution quality delivered by competent supervision and trades personnel. Detailed investigation into maintenance practices, records and work execution revealed improvement opportunities including;
– Review training documentation to ensure correct procedures are included for all machine types
– Reinforcing correct procedures with all site operators at the Pre-Shift meetings
– Ensure maintenance inspections for major servicing includes the correct testing procedures and
– Improve scheduling and record keeping

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