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Squirrel Stores Removal Initiative

Client: BMA Saraji Mine


A Wisely team was engaged by a major mining business to undertake a squirrel store removal initiative. The objective was to eradicate non-warehouse controlled stock, and also assist with the clean-up and redesign of the departmental laydown areas.


  • Engaged directly with Stakeholders using a formalised process to walk through areas under their control;
  • Identified parts and equipment that could be returned to the warehouse for stock credit
  • Identified parts for overhaul or service exchange
  • Identified any scrap
  • Identified what could be relocated to the site Auction Pad for later sale


  • ~$10m was returned to the warehouse for stock credit.
  • Direct purchase items were reduced by 72%.
  • Stock and Purchase on Demand materials were reviewed.
  • Storage space was cleaned up and reallocated to the w/house.
  • Task lists were reviewed to remove incorrect parts.
  • Unused serviceable items were returned to OEMs.
  • Cores were returned for credits.
  • Stock material min/max levels were reviewed.

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