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Specialist Trade Teams

Managing complex operations, particularly in geographically diverse locations, has long been a challenge for industrial businesses.

The team at Wisely have partnered with clients for over 20 years to deliver specialised trade teams where and when they are needed most.

We work collaboratively to ensure we:

  • Manage the full operational responsibility of assets and resources
  • Share our knowledge to your advantage
  • Deliver maximum availability, reliability and process integrity
  • Increase safety and sustainability
  • Reduce life cycle cost and risk

Our skilled and experienced trade teams have the technical expertise to tackle complex challenges.  We consistently deliver critical project or maintenance services based on the client’s specific set of requirements or deliverables.

Our Specialist Trade Teams operate across:

  • Industrial Services and Maintenance for:
  • Processing Plant
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Road and Rail
  • Shutdowns, Outages and Upgrades
  • End-to-End Project Delivery
  • Plant and Equipment Assembly and Maintenance
  • Workshop Services

Efficient, reliable and profitable on the ground delivery is critical and at Wisely we pride ourselves on getting the job done on-time, on-budget and with safety first.

Contact a Wisely Account Manager today about how working with Wisely’s Specialist Trade Teams can work for you. Call 1300 947 359 today.

Proven Experience

Our Specialist Trade Teams have proven experience in delivering project-based and ongoing services and benefits to clients in Northern and Central Queensland

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We are industrial asset management specialists with a wide range of industry partners

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