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Master Data Blitz

Client: Tier 1


An established NSW underground coal mining operation identified the need to improve the existing maintenance system (SAP) master data as part of a broader maintenance improvement project focused on work management. By quickly identifying and amending errors and gaps in the underlying master data would enable immediate and improved outcomes from the work management initiatives.

Project – Master Data Blitz

Amend errors in work management master data:

  • Functional locations
  • Task lists
  • BOMs
  • Work instructions.
  • Create new task lists for known repeatable work.

A systematic approach developed – Focusing effort on equipment type and process areas as determined by the priority of the operation.

Two parallel teams were established to support the Blitz project – Ensuring adequate engagement with operations personnel and to minimise turnaround time of feedback received.

Focus on core SAP elements – Functional Locations / construction types (allocation), task lists and work instructions.

Align strategies for common equipment

For common equipment types within the selected process area, a review of current maintenance items against like equipment types conducted, gap analysis and rectification.

SAP system user engagement – Feedback from the field and make immediate changes to master data. Improved master data and task lists based on input from predominately maintainers and operators.

Short term return realised – through efficiency in work execution with reduction in delays and rework.

Long term program of works identified for future SAP system improvements.

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