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CRRC Yangtze/Pacific National Wagons

Client: CRRC Yangtze Services Australia


Wisely Services, along with CRRC Yangtze and Pacific National, welcomed a shipment of Rail Wagons to the Port of Mackay last month. 36 RNAY Rail Wagons were shipped from CRRC Yangtze China to the Port of Mackay, with the vessel arriving at Mackay on the 17th March to unload the cargo.

A team of five Wisely Services personnel, along with CRRC Yangtze & Pacific National rail personnel started to assemble the wagons in an area within the Port of Mackay. The rail line that services Queensland Sugar Limited site was used to assemble the wagons & complete brake testing and commissioning.

The wagons were delivered as flat packs with the 3 car bodies and the bogie assembles as separate items. The bogies were placed on the rail line and the car bodies lifted into place using 2 mobile cranes. Once the wagons were rolling they were fitted out with brake hoses, brake control rods, container locks, earth straps, AEI tags. Paint touch-ups were done on all wagons at the end of the contract before leaving site.

The wagons are assembled to make up 12 RNAY wagon sets once all works was finished the single car brake test was completed with the wagons ready to be put to use for their runs from Cairns to Brisbane transporting general freight for Pacific National.

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