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Critical Spares Identification



Project Description:

  • A major resource house identified an improvement project to identify, catalogue, assess, and prioritise production critical equipment for maintenance strategy development, data point verification, and accurately update records in SAP.
  • Commencing with a ‘rough-cut’ listing of critical equipment by functional location, further refinement was undertaken through the application of risk-based modelling to test and rank equipment.

Major scope items:

  • Identification of Functional Locations
  • Review of OEM manuals to extract critical material spares
  • Analysis of purchasing history
  • Desk audit to develop critical spares prioritisation


  • Key to the success of this project has been the field verification activities with relevant stakeholder groups and post-analysis review of mater data updates to ensure accuracy and minimise transposition errors


  • Development and validation of a ‘Critical Spares’ list
  • Linkage to materials associated with work order history
  • Warehousing reviewed, appropriately tagged, and linked to bills of materials and task lists
  • Preservation maintenance strategies for all critical spares developed and loaded into SAP

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