930E Truck Rebuild

Client: Komatsu


Sector: Mining and Resources

Wisely assisted with the Komatsu rebuild project in Mackay providing OEM support in the form of highly qualified, OEM experienced trades personnel for the project.

Major scope items:

  • Truck stripped back to its bare chassis
  • Bare chassis fully crack tested and any necessary repairs carried out
  • All hydraulic hoses, electrical cables and associated fittings replaced
  • Hydraulics systems fully serviced, including replacement pumps and cleaning valve bodies
  • Drive systems updated, including upgraded wheel motors and drive cooling packages
  • Other updates include changing the lights from HID to LED and incorporating more current technologies for improved safety and reliability
  • Engines and all major components changed out
  • Commissioned
  • Each rebuild took around 3000 labour hours over 10 weeks, and involved six tradespeople and two apprentices working two shifts a day, six days a week.
  • With this rebuild project we were aiming for the customer to take the truck life from 65,000 hours to 110,000 hours.