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Structural Auditing and Scoping

Wisely Asset Management was recently engaged as the preferred provider to complete a Structural Auditing & Scoping project by a Tier 1 Coal Producer across multiple sites in the Bowen Basin.

The two project teams executed the scope concurrently at two separate Coal Handling Plants during normal operations without any impact on production or plant utilisation.

The project deliverables were to scope all identified structural defects & budget for resources for the remedial works as part of our clients medium-to-long term strategy & focus on managing the structural integrity of their assets.

With close collaboration between both project teams & all key stakeholders, the project was successfully completed within timeframe & on budget. delivering a forecast of accurate costs & an execution program in-line with our clients broader business improvement strategy to continue to producing coal.

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Fixed Plant Maintenance Strategies

Wisely Asset Management team recently supported a major mining house with the provision of a program of works.

The project was to develop documentation to standardise maintenance strategies and tactics. It focused on optimising the life cycle of major fixed plant infrastructure.

The review was conducted across multiple operations centred on:
• Apron feeders
• Sizers
• Conveyors
• Stackers
• Reclaimers

It was developed in line with ISO 55000 Asset Management principles and terminology frameworks.

This approach guided detailed reports containing the asset management strategies, objectives, and strategic management recommendations for process plant equipment, covering:
• Critical systems / component identification
• Asset management strategies
• Asset maintenance performance and utilisation
• Sustaining capital requirements
• Scenario analysis, and
• End of life / repurposing activities

Our structured approach to the creation of the respective statements of work (SoW’s) provided clear roadmaps on scope, deliverables, assumptions, data requirements, timelines, and cost estimates.

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Jilalan Wagon Overhaul Facility

Wisely Services department have been working with a leading Australian Supplier of piping and ventilation solutions on the New Jilalan Wagon Overhaul Facility.

The project scope was to install a ventilation system that will service the maintenance operations in the new facility. This system will provide a safe workplace for maintenance personnel undertaking welding and repair tasks.

The overall system consists of four individual units that remove operational fumes from the Bogie & Wagon repair areas.

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Statutory Compliance Audit

Wisely Asset Management were recently engaged to conduct a review of statutory compliance and maintenance activities at an East Coast mine operation.

The review focused on maintenance management and work execution practices across mobile equipment covering:
– Maintenance strategies
– Frequencies
– Scheduling
– Competency
– Documented procedures
– Outcomes (defect identification / elimination) and
– Maintenance records (service history files and condition monitoring (ConMon) processes)

The review highlighted good work execution quality delivered by competent supervision and trades personnel. Detailed investigation into maintenance practices, records and work execution revealed improvement opportunities including;
– Review training documentation to ensure correct procedures are included for all machine types
– Reinforcing correct procedures with all site operators at the Pre-Shift meetings
– Ensure maintenance inspections for major servicing includes the correct testing procedures and
– Improve scheduling and record keeping

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Unlocking Value in Inventory and Materials Management

Wisely Asset Management recently completed a scoping exercise for a global mining house to support an Inventory and Materials Requirement project.

This initial stage focused on both an operational review and a first principles assessment of inventory items, availability and linkages to work management processes, and potential cost savings associated with urgent freight requests.

Analysis identified a range of ‘quick wins’ operations can execute to improve inventory accuracy, in turn increasing the availability of parts to support maintenance activities, ultimately providing benefits to both production teams in front line unit availability and warehousing / inventory teams with reduced stock levels and corresponding reductions in warehousing requirements.

Next steps are focused on data cleansing and process guidance / maintenance to ensure uplifts in accuracy are maintained, in parallel with operational involvement in the identification of obsolete stock and critical spares to unlock further value in the supply and inventory / maintenance relationship.

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Analysis and Development of Inspection Performance Dashboard

Wisely Asset Management engaged with a Tier 1 resources company to help them with a need for detailed insights into the inspection performance on Business Critical Equipment.

Wisely Asset Management conducted a detailed work management audit and created a visual presentation of the results for senior management. This involved a “deep dive” into the historical records maintained in the computerised maintenance system as well as support systems and the use of advanced data management tools for the data model and visual dashboard.

The analysis covered a number of operational sites and several years’ history to address the key deliverable of providing valuable insight into the current business risk inherent in these critical areas of the business.

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Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) Conveyor Strategy Review

Wisely Asset Management were engaged to review current maintenance strategies for the site conveyors and update with new strategies and standardise strategy content to client specifications and standards.

Significant clean out of the existing data in SAP was required, together with development of new inspection documents and master data load files. The review and build of the strategy model was undertaken in client specified software.

Outcomes of the project included a standardised naming convention for inspection tasks, new inspection documentation with client specified templates, and new strategies predicted to have a greater reduction in plant outage in future shutdowns for maintenance.

A key achievement of the project was the development of a standardised methodology to perform similar projects for other sites. This process was optimised to suit other projects for subsequent roll-out across other operations.

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Wisely Services recently carried out maintenance works on the North Queensland Bulk Ports’ operated Tug Harbour at Half Tide. The Harbour is the base for Tug Boat operations for the Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay Coal Loading facilities.

Over three months, we upgraded repairs and painted safety barriers, handrails and gangways, repaired existing damaged wrapping of Jetty Piles and replacement of Floating Tug Berth connection frames, along with the replacement with new Tide Gauge used by Hay Point VTS (vessel traffic services)

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NQBP Waste Facility Guarding and Interlock Project

Wisely Services were engaged by NQBP to install guarding and electrical interlocks to improve the operational safety of the Hay Point Quarantine Waste Facility.

The facility is operated by JJ Richards and processes waste from shipping vessels by applying high pressure steam to treat the waste within the autoclave.

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Hail Creek Light Vehicle and Ancillary Maintenance

Wisely have secured a three year maintenance contract at Glencore`s Hail Creek Mine.

We have been tasked with maintaining Hail Creek`s fleet of light vehicles and ancillary equipment.

Wisely commenced this project in August 2020 and have continued to grow welcoming aboard 2 new crews to execute this scope for Hail Creek.

Wisely look forward to this exiting opportunity to further grow our capabilities and working relationship with Glencore and Hail Creek Mine.

We are industrial asset management specialists with a wide range of industry partners

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