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Asset Management Framework

Client: Tier 1


A recent asset assurance audit preliminary outcomes highlighted the need of an established NSW underground coal mine to operate under an asset management criticality framework. The framework should cover the complete asset management cycle and integrate within operations strategic plans, ensuring responsible key personnel act in the relevant time horizon to deliver sustainable operational targets.

Project – Asset Management System Development

Develop Asset Criticality Assessment Framework:

  • Asset Management Governance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Asset Management Sustainability
  • Productivity
  • Maintenance Optimisation
  • Maintenance Delivery

Build the Asset Management System

RACI Models – Develop comprehensive accountability on critical maintenance asset management plans.

Developing sustaining capital requirements – though developing turn- key Plant Equipment Lifecycle Plans (PELP) governed by:

  • The functional adequacy of existing assets
  • Under-performing assets
  • Sustainable capital requirements

 Develop asset health monitoring tools – to ensure responsible personnel are working on the   appropriate time horizon based on operational priority.

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